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"From the time you step foot at the Mellon Creek ranch you know it’s a special place. Some of the finest water fowl hunting anywhere is hidden behind those cattle gates. A beautiful lodge tucked back in the ranch with a gourmet chef and private rooms greet you the minute you arrive. The variety of water fowl and population at the ranch is second to none. The guides do the most every single day to make sure you are successful. Last but not least my favorite part of the trip, the hunting dogs. They are the most pleasurable and well trained hunting dogs I have had the privilege to hunt behind. We will always be at the Mellon hunting every year."

Matt Duke | Georgia, USA


Situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Mellon Ranch is home to some truly incredible waterfowl hunting. With an array of divers and dabblers ranging from widgeon, teal, pintail and shovelers to bufflehead, redheads, goldeneye and mottled ducks a mixed bag can be expected to fill your limit.


The 11 fresh water tanks scattered throughout the property provide hot and heavy action as soon as legal light rolls around.

Hunters can expect a relaxed environment in the field, whether it be from behind a blind or in a layout alongside or skilled and knowledgeable guides as well as their proficiently trained dogs. 

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