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"My wife and I recently hunted Aoudad in West Texas with Mellon Creek Outfitters. We had a fantastic 5 star experience.  The hunt was better than we could have hoped for.  This is not an easy hunt.  It's a true spot and stalk hunt with these very cagey beautiful critters in their natural world.  Steep, rocky terrain makes for a challenge but a ton of fun.  My wife and I both had success with two trophy rams.  We were thrilled with our success, but more so with our hunting experience.  I've hunted with numerous guides in the West.  We worked with Pat and Derek on this hunt. They were outstanding. The best two guides I have ever shared a hunt with.  Very hard working, and totally dedicated to getting us in positions to have success.  All the while, being light hearted and having fun along the way.  A perfect combination to a fun and successful hunt.  The lodge is outstanding.  Very comfortable.  The food is truly five star prepared by a trained chef, Chelsey.  She was fantastic.  This was a great hunt with great people.  I highly recommend it, and I will be hunting with them again in the near future."  

Michael Miller | Virginia, USA

"I would like to thank everyone with Melon Creek for the many years of hospitality, enjoyment and memories we have made together, and hopefully many more to come. I thankfully have had the opportunity to hunt with countless other outfitters throughout the lower 48 and none come close to the experiences I have had with these guys. From the Aoudad hunts in West TX. To the Deer and hog hunts in the south TX. Flats they are always awesome. From the moment you arrive in camp you are made feel welcome and excited about your adventure ahead. The camp is always proper, very nice accommodations, clean and fully stocked with everything you could possibly need throughout your stay. The meals that Chelsey prepares daily are awesome and always with a smile , even before the sun rises.

I wish every sportsmen, hunter, wife, kids or grandkids out there could experience the pleasure from any one of their hunts, they would not be disappointed. Once again thank ya’ll for everything you do to make every hunt enjoyable and successful."

David Murray | Mississippi, USA


Aoudad, also known as Barbary sheep, are native to the mountains of North Africa. Introduced to the state of Texas in 1957 these hardy animals have thrived in many areas throughout West Texas. The incredible landscape and nature of hunting these aoudad creates a second to none experience for hunters to test their long range shooting abilities. 


Throughout the 3 days of action packed spot and stalk style tactics hunters can expect scenic views, plenty of hiking and fresh meals. Our goal here at Mellon Creek is to target mature rams with a minimum of 30” of horn length, shots ranging anywhere from 300-900 yards are to be expected. We highly recommend comfortable hiking boots and equipment capable of taking those longer shots. 


Chasing these rugged rams is a developed passion of ours and bringing hunters together to share it is an unparalleled way to kick the hunting season off September-October. 

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